Psychology Comes To Halt As Weary Researchers Say The Mind Cannot Possibly Study Itself


Ahhhhh…knock knock. Looks like Radical Behaviourism finally got invited to the party!

*Yes, I know it’s The Onion…but you gotta laugh at their mocking of the field using what B.F. Skinner kinda preached all along. 

that’s pretty fucking rich, actually.


these pictures are everything

Mystery Train (1989)

Mystery Train (1989)


Aleister Crowley, Sunset on Sicilian Coast II 1920

check this frog out. he’s photogenic as fuck.

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Bee carved from kauri gum—a semi-fossilized tree resin from New Zealand. It was supposed to be a Leioproctus-type bee, but I was too nervous to make the body as thin as I needed to, as the material is somewhat fragile, so it’s a generic bee. I just finished hand-polishing this today, and am quite satisfied with the level of gloss I was able to achieve!

that’s really gorgeous!

I think that a huge problem is people who read comics and don’t understand the point of superheroes, which is to be the best version of yourself. You love Captain America? Well, you know what Captain America would never do? Go online anonymously and shit on a girl for having an opinion.

Brian Michael Bendis, dropping truth bombs in an interview with Vulture (via brynnasaurus)


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