"Good Little Witch"

A twisted fairy tale.  Inspired by Jon Klassen and children’s horror stories.

Simply Genius Shower Thoughts With Nick Offerman [x]

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I had my father get sick when I was 22. And I was poor, alright. And my father had an ulcer, and it exploded and you know all these toxins get in your blood. And basically, my father died, whatever, 50 days after his ulcer. So I had a father get sick while I was poor.

My mother got sick when I was rich. And my mother, you know… I don’t really want to get into it, but my mother was sicker than my father. And my mother’s alive. My mother’s fine, OK? I remember going to the hospital to see my mother and wondering, ‘Was I in the right place?’ Like, this was a hotel. Like it had a concierge, man.

People don’t… if the average person really knew the discrepancy in the health care system, there’d be riots in the streets, OK? They would burn this motherfucker down!”

Chris Rock [video]

Bringing this back, because some people don’t seem to understand that there is a discrepancy in the quality of care among poor, middle-class, and wealthy people, NO MATTER HOW DEBILITATING THEIR RESPECTIVE DISEASES MAY BE.

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Not even sorry.

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Cash raised for killer Mo. cop now surpasses Brown donations
August 24, 2014

Online fundraisers for Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson surpassed the amount of money raised for Michael Brown’s family as the officer’s supporters gathered at an afternoon rally Saturday.

Supporters of Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., came toBarney’s Sports Pub in south St. Louis.

"Many of us have received death threats toward ourselves and our families," said one speaker, wearing sunglasses, paint beneath her eyes and a baseball cap. "We will not hide. We will no longer live in fear … If you support Darren Wilson, make your voices heard."

She refused to give the media her name, saying “You want my name? I am Darren Wilson. We are Darren Wilson.

The media has shown a strong bias against Wilson supporters, the speaker said, drawing loud applause from the crowd.

"We share the united belief that officer Wilson’s actions on Aug. 9 were warranted and justified and he has our unwavering support," the woman said.

A crowd-funding page created for Wilson raised $235,010 from 5,902 people before organizers stopped accepting donations Friday after surpassing their goal of $100,000 in four days. The group then opened a new fundraising page, which already has more than $104,000.

This amount surpasses the more than $214,000 raised in support of the Michael Brown Memorial Fund. According to the page, which was set up by Brown family lawyer Benjamin Crump, “the funds will assist his family with costs that they will acquire as they seek justice on Michael’s behalf.”

The Support Darren Wilson group, which has more than 58,000 likes on Facebook, encouraged supporters who could not attend the rally to “blow up some Twitter accounts” with photos of supporters and the hashtag #‎iamdarrenwilson.


Disheartening (though unsurprising) and thoroughly disgusting! 

As the situation in Ferguson continues to be horrible, this is just one of many things that… You know what, is just so awful. It’s so awful. There is no reason to be financially or emotionally supporting a murderer, no matter your political or religious stance. I want to say I “can’t believe” it’s happening, but of course I can. It’s just awful. How can people be so cruel?

Like most, I’m just watching these events from afar, feeling helpless, donating where I can to help Ferguson and its people. It never feels like enough, though.

"We won’t hide any more — but you can’t have my name, no." She must be related to Officer Go Fuck Yourself.

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The Necromanteion or Nekromanteion was an ancient Greek temple of necromancy devoted to Hades and Persephone. According to tradition, it was located on the banks of the Acheron river in Epirus, near the ancient city of Ephyra.

The ancient Greeks believed that the souls of the dead entered the underworld though subterranean fissures, and that in special cases like this, arrangements could be made to communicate with the dead. This was used as an opportunity to commune with lost loved ones, and also to seek out the future telling skills of the dead.

Visitors wishing to communicate with the dead would have entered the dark chamber and followed specific rituals outlined for the protection from and communication with the dead which would have taken several days. When ready, a priest would usher them deeper inside for a ritual animal sacrifice, and through three gates symbolic of Hades.

Pilgrims expected to see the images of the dead as shadows against the flickering lantern light. These visions may have been enhanced by the special diet recommended in the days before entering the sanctuary, which some have described as including hallucinogens. Interestingly, inside the underground chambers, archaeologists have found mechanical contrivances which may have been used to enhance the appearance of animated dead. After a session with the dead, pilgrims were forbidden to talk about what they learned for fear of Hades claiming their own lives in exchange.

More recently a Greek-American study of towers in the area suggested that the ruins may have been the base of an agricultural tower, and the underground chambers storage areas for water or grain, rather than mystical communication with fortune-telling dead.

At least for now, the place remains officially identified as the Necromanteion, and has been preserved as such.

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@kaitlin_olson: So sexy. So sibling-ey. We are the Game of Thrones of basic cable comedy.

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Old Germany

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